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Bringing Everybody Together With Bar Stools

Whether you're hosting friends at home or on your patio for drinks and finger foods or you run your own bar, lounge or restaurant, you know how important comfortable, attractive bar stools are for getting everybody relaxed and in a social mood, not to mention itching to come back and bring friends!

On some level we all know what a powerful impact the right furniture has on the energy of a space.  That's why our high-quality selection ranges from cool and classic breakfast bar stools to simple and earthy kitchen bar stools and we even carry the chic, high-end, luxury bar stools that are just a treat to sit in!

We're proud to offer you the diversity of options that lets you create the perfect mood for you and your guests at discount prices that only a high quality online retailer can offer.  Grab a seat at our online bar and browse our copious and inexpensive selection.  If you have any questions, click the live chat button at the top of the page and our knowledgeable bartender will hear all your concerns with a friendly ear. Thanks for shopping with us!

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Picking The Perfect Bar Stool For Your Bar

The beauty of bar stools (we think they're beautiful, anyway!) is that whether you have a proper wet bar in your home or establishment or just a high kitchen counter that you'd like to add a cool and comfortable lounge feel to, you have a plethora of options to choose from that run the gamut from downright cheap, to merely inexpensive and all the way through to high end luxury barstools!

The two most important considerations in picking a great set of bar stools are height and comfort. 


So you buy that enviably plush bar stool set that wows and instantly relaxes the lucky sitter, but it'll be sad times when they have to climb up on the stool itself just to reach their drink or hors d'oeuvre!  So, for counters and tables that measure approximately 34.5 to 36.5 inches, we recommend counter height stools between 22.5 and 27.5 inches, measured from the seat to the floor.

If, on the other hand, you're outfitting a bar, club, lounge or your home bar, you'll want to pair counters and tables measuring 40 to 43 inches tall with bar height stools between 28.5 and 31.5 inches.  The general rule of thumb is that the stool should be about 10 to 12 inches shorter than the surface. It's also ok to round these figures up or down an inch or so and since you know your guests better than anyone, you'll have the best idea of their average heights and be able to choose accordingly.   


Once you've pinned down the height you want, your next goal is to ensure your bar stools are comfortable, whether they sit in your kitchen or in a licensed beverage consuming environment, (it's an industry term!)

The truth is that no single type of chair is going to accommodate everybody with equal comfort, so the main consideration here is the context.  Are you serving food and beverages or is your place a more fast-paced, standing and/or dancing type of environment? 

For more intimate, sit-down situations where your guest will be engaging in prolonged lingering whilst mingling, you'll want to go with a bar stool that has a back so the guest doesn't leave with a sore lower back, which means they might not come back!  For a more high energy environment, classic bar stools and backless swivel models are ideal because they discourage "camping" and promote high bar turn over (can you say beverage sales?)


We here at draw from our own experiences hosting parties and working in the food and beverage industry (most of us since our teens!) and strive to provide the best bar stools online at clearance prices.  We run sale specials that would make you think we're a wholesale outfit!  But the truth is that we just love helping people have a great time and giving businesses the leg up on great equipment without breaking the bank. 

If there's any question on your mind, take advantage of our live chat feature and we'll be glad to answer all your questions in the true spirit of hospitality.  Thanks so much for shopping with us!